Musuta @ Singapore Design Film Festival

We will be providing Design Film Festival in Singapore with some bonus content... and of course attending the festival as well!

So if you're in Singapore end of Jan, be sure to check the festival out! It takes place in Sinema Old School on 20-30 January 2010.



Musuta featured also on Fubiz...

Urban Abstract now on Fubiz as well. Mercibeaucoup!

Link to story here.

So cool to have people discussing one's designs in french. Makes us feel very artistic :D

Urban Abstract on Ventilate!

Sweet, we're also on Ventilate!

You can find a link to the story here.


Musuta - Urban Abstract as IdN pick of the month.. SWEET!

We got featured as Pick of the Month on IdN magazine website. As subscribers to the magazine, we find this extremely cool.

Here's a link to the story on IdN.

..and of course some pics or didn't happen :)


Musuta featured on Hitspaper™

Nice, we got featured: Urban Abstract is on HITSPAPER™ - ありがとうございます!

Here's a link to the story.

We are very proud to be featured on such a great website!

Urban Abstract - Website

A lot of bombarding with UA I know.. but it's just so cool.

Here is a link to the website:

URBAN ABSTRACT - some stills and Vimeo link

Here are a few selected captures from our Urban Abstract project...

And here is Urban Abstract on Vimeo:

Urban Abstract from Musuta on Vimeo.

URBAN ABSTRACT - About the concept:
Urban Abstract is a journey across urban space that unfolds in forty, 5 second parts. The journey, in one, two and three dimensions, is a bit like abstract surfing in which the original destination is only reached after a number of seemingly random yet linked detours occur. Points, lines, planes and other abstract elements create a journey through an Urban Abstract.
The space between things is as important as intended space, perhaps creating a fourth dimension. Meaningful shapes and purposes occur in this dimension's reality as well. The concept of “negative space” has meaning here. Nature plays a part as well. To be able to understand and differentiate what is urban one has understand what is nature.

The style of the shorts is fluid and, though seemingly random, stream into a cohesive whole. Perhaps watching them in a different order would be more like seeing the same journey from another point of view. The sound world is also very important -- movement in space is sensed even if watching the shorts with eyes closed. Sounds overlap, fade, come and go.

Architectural, abstract, someway minimalist and abstract with a touch of humanity.
This feeling is reached through mixing techniques such as vectors , hand drawn lines and painting.

Urban Abstract was realized in Tokyo by a team of artists, designers and animators from Finland and Japan. Urban
Abstract was created by Jopsu Ramu from Musuta Ltd, a concept, art & design -studio based in Tokyo and Helsinki.


Creative Director Jopsu Ramu MUSUTA
Art Director Jopsu Ramu MUSUTA, Shun Kawakami artless Inc.
Design&Storyboard Jopsu Ramu MUSUTA
Opening scene artwork Shun Kawakami artless Inc.
Calligraphy Gen Miyamura
Sound Chikao Maruyama
Producer Timo Huhtala MUSUTA
Director Mitsutomo Maeda & Masaru Ikeda EDP graphic works
Animation&Production EDP graphic works
Project management Tokyo Masaji Kinoshita / shirofuchi Inc.
Executive Producer MUSUTA Ltd.
Special thanks Taisuke Koyama, Brian Kaszonyi
Created by MUSUTA Ltd. - Jopsu Ramu & Timo Huhtala


Urban Abstract

Jopsu from Musuta created a digital Art piece for Finnish TV Channel- TV Nelonen in collaboration with Shun Kawakami (Artless Inc.)
Please enjoy!

Urban Abstract from Musuta on Vimeo.


Nikon Next

We helped our friend Kawakami Shun (Artless Inc.) and our buddies Arata Sasaki and Hilo at Hitspaper in Nikon Next a website for Nikon showcasing talented photographers from around the world.

Special thanks from us and the whole Nikon Next team goes to Catherine Nelson and Lauri Eriksson for contributing with their amazing photography.

You can read the Hitspaper blog post about it here.

Our Friend - Kenichi Takemoto, 竹本健一

We are doing some design and artwork for our Japanese friend and musician Kenichi Takemoto:

This is his photo and he is the dude on the left... The surprised one on the right is our Japanese manager Kinoshita Masaji.

Read about it here in his MySpace blog post.

And don't forget to listen to his
music, also on Kenbo-san''s MySpace.


Twisted Roots - Work in Progress

We're doing graphic design for an up and coming Finnish movie: Väärät Juuret - Twisted Roots. Here is a clip of the logo animation in the trailer.

You can view the full trailer here.


Brand design

We're designing a new luxury brand.
Starting from scratch we created the brand concept, name, identity, packaging, print material etc. All photos and designs © 2008, 2009 Musuta Ltd.