Musuta @ Singapore Design Film Festival

We will be providing Design Film Festival in Singapore with some bonus content... and of course attending the festival as well!

So if you're in Singapore end of Jan, be sure to check the festival out! It takes place in Sinema Old School on 20-30 January 2010.



Musuta featured also on Fubiz...

Urban Abstract now on Fubiz as well. Mercibeaucoup!

Link to story here.

So cool to have people discussing one's designs in french. Makes us feel very artistic :D

Urban Abstract on Ventilate!

Sweet, we're also on Ventilate!

You can find a link to the story here.


Musuta - Urban Abstract as IdN pick of the month.. SWEET!

We got featured as Pick of the Month on IdN magazine website. As subscribers to the magazine, we find this extremely cool.

Here's a link to the story on IdN.

..and of course some pics or didn't happen :)