Here is a pretty artsy video we made for MSCHIC Cosmetics.

The idea we had was to do something different with make up. We came up with an idea to animate make up with director Miikka Lommi from Kennel Helsinki. The video was shot by Aleksi Koskinen from Tre Film. Make up was done by MSCHIC Head Designer Mariela Sarkima. The video was edited by Antti Kulmala.

Interesting remark is that we had to clean and mask every single frame in the video by hand in Photoshop after shooting... This was because afterwards we decided to frame the picture differently than was planned before the shoot... Well that's what you get with still shots..

The video can also be found on the Akiko Chic website: http://www.akikochic.com

And on Vimeo here.

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