Urban Abstract GOLD LION, Cannes!


Urban Abstract won a GOLD LION in Cannes last night from Design category. We take our hats off and salute the jury.

Our friend Clemens was there to pick up our Lion since we couldn't make it (yes we are very bummed about this).

I cannot even begin to describe how flabbergasted we are about the lion. Just so so cool. And hey our CD / AD Jopsu is only 28 years old and a woman. Maybe not the most common creature petting a golden lion.

Before this year officially last time a Gold Lion came to Finland was 1969. So it's about time to start bringing those babies home. To hell with it, Finland even has a golden lion in the Finnish crest. 1969? Come on peoples!!

Also our tiger Iggy at home is happy about the news and gladly welcomes the new cat into the family. 'but I am still boss and kick any lion ass, any day - golden or not' - Comments Iggy.