Here Goes Nothing...

...As Lando Carlissian so well puts it, when taking on the Death Star. 

So off we go: 
This is JOJO MUSUTA and JOJO MUSUTA is no one. 
...well at least JOJO MUSUTA doesn't carry any particular meaning - or maybe it does. You figure it out...  In real life we are a concept design studio located in the heart of Helsinki, Finland, but that you might have already known by stumbling over to our blog in the first place.
In this blog you'll find things that move and shake us, or stuff that we just feel like putting out for the public to see or maybe just things that make us laugh. Rant, rave, comment or just sit back and enter the minds at JOJO MUSUTA...

...and yeah, this still is just a blog, not the Death Star. So I might have overstated a bit in the beginning of this post...

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