"So we have clients & ideas... Well how about getting an office then.."

Seems like a good idea... And it also seemed like a good idea to take on the job of actually renovating the place ourselves. "Sure thing, no problem. Just some paint on the walls, little bit of this and a little bit of that. A day - two, give or take..

"Note to self:
Rooms or offices that have surfaces, which the previous tenant has painted black are not easily tackled with white shades of paint."

So two weeks, no sleep, lot's of beer and gallons of paint (or was it lot's of paint and gallons of beer?) later. We have an office, or half and office, because we decided to let our basement keep its Fight Club Helsinki look for a while just for the heck of it (we'll fix it this weekend, or the next, or the one after, or...). 
Getting the job done was really good thing because our neighbors started to get a bit wary about a bunch of people in white overalls, covered in paint, hangin' out on the street in the middle of the night. Some pretty bad ass overalls actually. The label on the package said that with those one can take on nuclear particles. So bring it on Russia - Bring out your Zsar Bombas! JOJO MUSUTA is prepared!

Well anyways... here are some before and after pics:

Black is the new and old black - unfortunately and painting depicting a  Russian tattoo doesn't really help too much either.

We would still be looking for her, if she would've been wearing that popular tight black jeans + black t-shirt uniform all 'real' Helsinki -designers wear.

And you also had to paint the frickin' toilet black, now did you.

How about a stairway to... well nowhere.

Or a stairway to somewhere.

JOJO MUSUTA proudly presents:
Fight Club Helsinki

Lockers. Fighters need lockers.

So here we go. 
Let it rip.

So you wanted to be the CEO. You can start by taring apart that structure in the ceiling. (this picture is also available for press use....aaah..bullshit, we'll slap you if you do that.)

Shazam!..... So here it is. Cute - yes.

Le toilet.


Da office.

In Da Office.

So that's about it. Pop in for a nice cuppa coffee (well we really don't have a coffee machine yet..) at Iso-Roobertinkatu. ...Or we can just go to the nearby Bali-Hai for some drinks.

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