JOJO MUSUTA Survival Guide pt. 1

Welcome to the JOJO MUSUTA Survival Guide.

In part one we demonstrate how to survive a typhoon and fend off boredom, while trapped on a remote Japanese island in Okinawa-ken (editors note: any island and typhoon will do).

Step One:
Make sure that there is a Typhoon approaching:

Step Two:
Observe as villagers anchor things down with heavy stuff:

Step Three:
Realize that the Typhoon just hit your island:

Step Four:
Take out your Typhoon supplies,
an Okinawan style Shamisen and a Bottle of Awamori:

Step Five:
Consume some Awamori and approach the Shamisen
in one of the following ways:

I. The Okinawan style as Yama-san here demonstrates:

II. The: I sure cannot play, but this is what they do on MTV-
style as Timo demonstrates:

Step Six:
Now you're all set, enjoy your musical abilities,
consume more Awamori and let the Typhoon blow by.

Enjoy more with JOJO MUSUTA Survival Tips™ the next time you encounter a typhoon!

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